My paternal grandmother's line involves Bartons, Bogards, and Phillips who moved from Missouri to California late in the gold rush days, and moved into Arizona Territory around the turn of the century. Click here for a family tree.

Joshua Barton (1718-1779) was a frontiersman who moved from Westchester county, PA to Kentucky; he was one of the incorporators of Boonesboro. While living at Boonesboro he was killed by Shawnee and his son Joab was captured. Joab was raised as a Shawnee, and only discovered his background when Daniel Boone encountered him, noticed that this warrior bore a remarkable resemblance to his long-dead friend Joshua Barton, and pieced together his background.(Joab remarked that at last he knew why the Shawnee let him fight other tribes but always found a reason why he could not go on raids against the white settlers.)

The descendants of Joshua's other son Isaac cut quite a path for themselves. Isaac's son David (1783-1837) was the president of Missouri's Constitutional Convention; the state constitution is "principally the work of Barton." (Houck's History of Missouri III:250). He became the first U.S. Senator for Missouri; his daughter Sarah (Murphy) taught the first Sunday school west of the Mississippi; his son Joshua, Jr. (1792-1823) was Missouri's first Secretary of State and also its first U.S. Attorney. (Joshua, Jr. was killed in a duel with William Rector, the state's surveyor general, the first and last time any of my ancestors gave a sucker an even break. From then on, we went bushwhacking. Joshua, Jr. was no novice at dueling, having acted as second in the famous duel between Thomas Hart Benton and Charles Lucas--see Houck's History of Missouri, III:78.)

Our line descends from Joshua Sr.'s youngest son, Joshua, Jr., b. in Rowan Co., N.C. in 1757, d. in Boone Co., Mo. sometime after 1834. He took a bullet in the neck fighting for Virginia in the Revolution, later moved to a location a few miles from Boonesboro, and and moved to Mo. around 1810. He married a Frances Grubbs in Virginia.

Their son, Jonathan, b. 1787 in Clark Co., KY, d. 1867 in San Joaquin Co., CA, married Margaret Corlew, b. 1788 in Halifax Co., NC, d. 1871 in California. Jonathan was an adventurous sort; he became one of the first traders on the Santa Fe Trail and then, in 1849, at the age of 62, joined the Gold Rush to California. Three years later he returned to Missouri, and apparently convinced a number of family and neighbors to emigrate.

His son, Andrew Jackson Barton, (1815-1870) in 1839 married Elizabeth Wigham (1823-after 1880), and moved with the others to the area around Fresno, CA. In California, their eldest daughter, Margaret Elizabeth Barton (b. 1842, in MO, d. 1913 in Yuma, AZ), married Austin Phillips (b. 1825 in MO, d. 1884 in CA). [Austin was the son of John Yerby Phillips, a gunsmith, b. 1797 in Northumberland Co., VA, d. 1847 in Boone Co., MO, and Mary "Polly" Sullens, b. ca. 1792-95 in Halifax Co., VA, d. ca. 1850 in Boone Co.]

Austin and Margaret gave birth to Pina Ellen Phillips (b. 1876 in Fresno, d. 1941 in Tucson, AZ). In California in 1898 Pina married Thomas David Bogard (1875-1929). They were my great-grandparents, and raised my father, Albert David "Bud" Hardy. Dad recalls them as a funny pair.... Pina was tiny, and Thomas quite tall. Thomas liked a drink now and then, and during Prohibition had some stills. He had to keep them carefully hidden because Pina was a teetotaler and would break them up if she found them. The following photo was taken around the time in 1913 when Thomas David Bogard ran for sheriff of Yuma County, in the new state of Arizona.

Thomas David Bogard, Arizona ca. 1913

Just to back up a little on Thomas David Bogard's line..... we can start with Benjamin Bogart (note spelling), b. 1780 in VA., d. 1866 in Richland Co., Ill. He married Nancy Satiswait (1780-1837), and was one of the founding fathers of Olney, Ill. They had quite a few children; I descend from James (b. in TN 1808, d. in Ill. 1860) who m. Malinday Tippit (1812-1880). Their son David (b. Ill. 1830, d. 1893, Fresno CA) m. Elizabeth Ann Duncan (b. 1838 in MO, d. 1894 in Fresno). They in turn were the parents of Thomas David Bogard.

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