For years the Waco issue seemed dead--as dead as the ninety men, women, and children who died there. Then in 1999 the issue suddenly erupted, with the revelation that FBI had misled the public, the Congress, and even its own officials.

"This Is Not An Assault" presents the story of this remarkable turnaround, told by a person who helped to bring it about. It represents the fruition of six years of research and four Freedom of Information Act lawsuits.

The book's 300 pages explore what we thought we knew about Waco, and how the actual facts came to be revealed. It then attempts a reconstruction of the events in light of that evidence, and explores the lessons in statecraft that we must learn from those events.

"This Is Not An Assault" is written from the standpoint of someone who was there. The author can reveal how the Texas Rangers came to reveal their evidence cache, because he was involved in the process. He can discuss the discovery of gunshots on the infrared "FLIR" tape, because he was in the room when they were uncovered. His friendship with FLIR expert Carlos Ghigliotti enabled him to release the one surviving copy of Carlos' report. The author debated FBI spokesmen on "Nightline" and witnessed the civil wrongful death trial from counsels' table.

"A new book by former federal attorney David Hardy further batters the government's Waco fairy tale. "This Is Not An Assault " provides fascinating inside details on howprivate investigators squeezed out damning information on Waco -- how federal judge Walter Smith stifled lawyers at the trial last year to prevent jurors from learning of over a hundred items of evidence embarrassing to, or potentially incriminating, the federal government -- and how Republican congressmen (such as Dan Burton) and aidescowered and effectively aided the Clinton administration cover-up. Hardy's skill in hammering federal agencies with Freedom of Information Act requests was a decisive factor in making Waco a hot political potato in 1999."

James Bovard, author of "Feeling Your Pain": The Explosion & Abuse of Government Power in the Clinton-Gore Years," The American Spectator Online, April 2001.